About Me

“Undying love is very hard, especially for those of us who hate ourselves and don’t recognize it.” ~ Kwame Ture

I’m from West Pullman, Chicago and am a proud graduate of Rich East High School in Park Forest, Illinois, Howard University in The District of Columbia and am now pursuing my Master’s of Arts in Public Policy at The University of Chicago through their Evening Master’s Program housed at 1871, the world’s premier small business incubator.

Over the course of my career I have worn the hats of Field Organizer, Project Coordinator, Social Policy Researcher, Program Manager, Web Developer, User Experience Designer, Relationship Manager, Implementation Specialist, Business Development Consultant, Digital Marketing Strategist, Product Manager and Project Manager.  My career path has taken me across retail, tutoring, education agency administration, human capital consulting, political campaigns, non-profits, charter schools, public turnaround schools, non-profits, higher education, tech start-ups and education administration.

While working at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, I strengthened my skill as a researcher by engaging stakeholders across varying fields and completing over 1000 street-level surveys and interviews.  I gained an in-depth knowledge of ethnographic research, developing data instruments to organize research findings and identifying patterns in large data sets to influence product development. My experiences in research have also given me successes in facilitating focus groups and discussions.  

My experiences with Resilient Coders, Boston’s Startup Institute and subsequent consulting projects have afforded me an opportunity to develop a portfolio that demonstrates a range of experiences in search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, A/B Testing, Google Analytics, Adwords, wire-framing, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and JQuery.  

I love listening to and learning from others and will bring a lot of energy, enthusiasm and ambition to work by participating in conference calls and team meetings.  I take ownership of my responsibilities and continuously strive for improvement. I thrive in roles where I can eloquently explain ideas and solutions both visually and verbally and am eager to consult with you on future projects.